Best Hazardous Waste Gloves of 2021

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You will need hazardous waste gloves if you are working in a field where you will be exposed to dangerous waste materials. Obviously, you don’t want to handle hazardous waste with your bare hands, making hazardous waste gloves crucial.  

This article reviews five of the best hazardous waste gloves on the market at this time. So, let’s get to it and look at these options.

Comparison Chart

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West Chester 12018-L 12018 Chemical Resistant PVC Coated Work Gloves: 18″ Length, One Size Fits Most, 1 Pair, Black
Neoprene, Chemical Resistant Gloves, Industrial Strength, Stripping and Painting Gloves, Durable & Reusable with Anti-Slip Grip – 1 Pair (Medium)
311StBUOQ+L. SL500
Uxglove Chemical Resistant Gloves, Work Heavy Duty Industrial Rubber Gloves,12.2″,Black 1 Pair
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LANON Nitrile Chemical Resistant Gloves, Reusable Heavy Duty Safety Work Gloves with MicroFoam Textured Palm, Acid, Alkali and Oil Protection, Large
415zSOiLZmL. SL500
Wells Lamont Heavy Duty PVC Coated Work Gloves | Liquid/Chemical, Abrasion & Cut Resistant, Waterproof | Versatile, Flexible, Durable | Cotton Lining, Large (174L) , 12 inch Cuff , Blue

Hazardous Waste Gloves: Reviews

West Chester PVC Coated Work Gloves

410MS2gdaRL. SL500

These PVC-coated work gloves from West Chester are highly durable, safe, and well-built. They are ideal for use as hazardous waste gloves.


These are full-length gauntlet-style gloves that will go up to your elbows for a maximum amount of protection. They are made out of 50% PVC and 50% cotton.

The interior of these gloves is designed to be pretty soft, so they shouldn’t chafe against your skin too much. They aren’t designed for comfort, but they are comfortable enough for basic use.

Another thing that helps to ensure maximum safety is the smooth palm style and a winged thumb design. This provides an excellent grip when handling liquids and oils.

These gloves are also resistant to abrasion and puncturing. In addition, they’re reinforced to be chemical resistant; caustic acids, alcohol, oils, and other hazardous liquids won’t eat through these gloves.

A knife might be able to stab through if you try hard enough, but a simple medical needle should not be able to poke through them on contact. These gloves can be used for medical waste disposal, industrial purposes, and more.


  • Ideal for many purposes
  • Puncture resistant
  • Reinforced design
  • Chemical resistant
  • Protects the arms
  • Fairly comfortable


Gloves arrive stapled together at the arms

D Super Remover Industrial Strength Gloves

This is a pair of highly durable gloves that are resistant to more or less anything and are ideal for medical waste disposal.


These gloves come in various sizes, which is preferable to  those that are one-size-fits-all. It means that you can choose the right size to achieve the best possible fit.

The interior is lined with knit cotton, which allows for very comfortable wear, and easy removal. These gloves are not quite as long as the previous gloves, so they don’t go up to the elbow. However, they cover about half of the forearm.

It is also worth noting that these work gloves are made out of extra strong rubber, which is then covered in neoprene. This makes them highly resistant to ripping, puncturing, and tearing; moreover, they are chemically resistant.

These gloves have textured fingers, so you can easily hold wet and slippery materials. What’s also pretty cool is that when you purchase these gloves, you can choose to buy one pair, two pairs, or a full dozen pairs at once.


  • Multipurpose
  • Very durable
  • Puncture and tear-resistant
  • Chemical resistant
  • Protect some of the arms
  • Non-slip palms and fingers


Doesn’t go all the way up to the elbow

Uxglove Chemical Resistant Gloves

311StBUOQ+L. SL500

If you are looking for a pair of chemically resistant industrial work gloves that can withstand pretty much anything, these gloves from Uxglove are another great option.


One thing that stands out about these chemical-resistant gloves is that they are made of pure latex. When it comes to overall elasticity, durability, tear-, puncture-, and chemical resistance, latex is one of the best materials.

These latex gloves can resist caustic and acidic chemicals, as well as pathogens. Moreover, even the sharpest of syringes shouldn’t be able to puncture these gloves on contact. So when it comes to overall safety, especially for protecting your hands against sharp objects and chemicals, these are some of the best gloves.

The surface of these gloves has been vulcanized, a process that makes them relatively smooth and prevents them from sticking together. Unfortunately, sticking together is a problem that you may experience with many other such gloves.

You may also appreciate that these gloves have a unique palm and finger texture to easily hold onto greasy and slippery materials. As a result, the inside of these gloves is not overly comfortable; however, they are designed for protection, not for comfort.


  • Superior durability
  • Won’t stick together
  • Elastic and puncture-resistant
  • Chemical resistant
  • Protect part of the forearms
  • Good texture for a secure grip


Not really made for comfort

LANON Nitrile Chemical Resistant Gloves

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Nitrile is an alternative for those allergic to latex or PVC. If you are looking for a pair of high-quality industrial-grade chemical-resistant nitrile work gloves, this is a pair you should look at.


These gloves are some of the best when it comes to overall durability because they are made with a nitrile-coated material that is then coated in additional layers of chemically resistant materials. So whether we are talking about caustics, acids, solvents, or anything in between, these gloves can handle them all.

In addition, these work gloves are fairly puncture- and tear-resistant. Now, of course, this only goes so far, but with that being said, needles shouldn’t be able to puncture them just from picking up a medical waste bag. Therefore, they help to keep your hands reasonably safe. They also cover a portion of the wrist and forearm.

For improved comfort, these gloves come complete with a 15-gauge seamless cotton liner. So not only are these heavy-duty gloves very durable and chemical resistant, but they’re also reasonably comfortable to wear and even somewhat breathable. In addition, you may appreciate that these gloves have a very rough texture, so you can easily hold on to oily and greasy materials.


  • Great durability
  • Extreme chemical resistance
  • Protects part of the forearm
  • Good texture for secure grip
  • Multi-purpose
  • Fairly comfy and breathable


Have an odd smell

Wells Lamont Heavy Duty PVC Coated Work Gloves

415zSOiLZmL. SL500

These multipurpose work gloves can be used for hazardous waste disposal, construction, and other related purposes.


These heavy-duty gloves are coated in PVC, one of the best materials for resistance to various acidic and caustic chemicals. Moreover, this type of material is highly resistant to abrasion, heat, punctures, and cuts.

When it comes down to it, whether we’re talking about heat, sharp objects, or chemicals that may be contained in hazardous waste, these gloves keep your hands safe. In addition, these gloves go almost all the way up to the elbows to protect your forearms.

Don’t let their baby blue appearance fool you because these gloves are really tough. The fingers and palms have a unique textured PVC coating to increase gripping ability. In addition, the fact that these gloves are shaped ergonomically correct makes them relatively comfortable to wear.


  • Resistant to physical damage
  • Resistant to chemicals
  • Fairly comfortable
  • Protect a good deal of the forearm
  • Affordable
  • Good grip


Tend to stick together


After comparing these five pairs of hazardous waste gloves, we feel the West Chester PVC Coated Work Gloves are the best. They’re durable, chemically resistant, and will protect you up to the elbow.

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