Best Biohazard Bags of 2021

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You will often have to deal with biohazardous materials if you work in a hospital or nursing home, a laboratory, a veterinary clinic, etc. For example, a biohazard could be old vials or syringes, blood-soaked gauze and linens, and other such things. You will need the appropriate biohazard bags to safely dispose of this waste.

You can’t put biohazardous waste in regular plastic garbage bags. Instead, you need clearly labeled bags explicitly designed for this purpose. This article reviews five of the best biohazard bags, so let’s get to it and see what they have to offer.

Comparison Chart

Biohazard Waste Bags 10-Gallon 24×24 Red Hazardous Trash Can Liners – Medical Grade No Leak Bags – Biohazard Symbol for Safe Infectious Waste Disposal. Great for Lab Containers, Swabs, Pads, Gloves (100 pack)
51ozq7 DnyL. SL500
No Leak, Hospital Grade Biohazard Waste Bags 150 Pk. 10 Gallon, 24″ Red Trash Liner With Hazard Symbol For Infectious Waste Disposal. Best Small Lab Can Liners for Labeling Biohazardous Trash Safely
Resilia Medical – Biohazard Bags – Hazardous Waste Disposal, Meets DOT ASTM Standards for Hospital Use, Red, 33 Gallon, 29×38 Inches, 20 Bags
41E7Q2HECRL. SL160
Biohazard Specimen Bags 6″ x 9″ Zip Lock Biohazard Lab Bags- 100PCS
51EDayfY39L. SL500
5 gallon Red Biohazard Bags – Red Trash Liner With Hazard Symbol For Infectious Waste – Disposable Hazardous Trash Can Liners for Hospitals, Doctors, Labs, Vets, and more. First Voice (Pack of 10),BHAZ01

Biohazard Bags: Reviews

Trashanium Biohazard Waste Bags

This is a large pack of highly durable and safe biohazard waste bags that are reasonably priced.


These biohazard waste bags are explicitly designed to be used as lab can liners. They are the size of most standard waste containers found in medical clinics, labs, and hospital settings.

These bags are made with very high-quality materials and are 12 microns thick, allowing for superb durability. In addition, they feature a so-called Star Seal system combined with durable walls that helps to prevent tears, leaks, and spills from occurring.

You can choose from packages that contain either 50, 100, or 150 biohazard waste bags. Moreover, in terms of cost, these biohazard waste bags will cost you $0.17 per bag.

These biohazard waste bags are a very bright red color with the massive biohazard waste warning symbol, and it’s impossible to miss what they are designed for.

Keep in mind that these bags are made in the US, and they’re OSHA compliant, ensuring they’re 100% safe to use. On a side note, each biohazard waste bag can safely hold up to 45 pounds. You can use these bags for anything from bodily fluids and soaked gauze to contaminated gloves and masks, as well as soiled bandages, used vials, syringes, and more.


  • 12 microns thick
  • Very durable walls
  • Leakproof
  • Star Seal system
  • Good weight capacity
  • Bright and safe


Biohazard waste symbol is sometimes cut off or cut in half

Mop Mob Biohazard Waste Bags

51ozq7 DnyL. SL500

If you are looking for a package of strong and highly safe biohazard bags that won’t cost a fortune, this is another good option to consider.


These biohazard waste bags are designed to be extremely strong and durable so that biohazardous waste, such as syringes and other such materials, cannot tear them. In addition, they are a full 11 microns thick, which should be more than enough to contain most biohazardous waste.

In addition, these bags are pretty stretchy, which allows for a good view of impact resistance. Although they are not quite as strong as the bags we looked at above, they are still strong enough to get the job done. Keep in mind that these bags measure 24 by 24 inches and can hold up to 10 gallons of waste, or around 40 lbs. of waste.  

Based on their size, they can be used in various hospital, medical, and laboratory settings. What’s impressive is that these bags are guaranteed for life, so if you are not happy with them for any reason, you can get your money back.

As with the bags we previously looked at, these have the Star Seal system, which means the bags are well-reinforced at the bottom to prevent tears and leaks from occurring; even if dropped from a great height, these bags should stay in one piece. In addition, these bags are the standard bright red color and feature a dark and prominent biohazard waste symbol.


  • Can hold a lot
  • Good weight capacity
  • Suitable for standard size bins
  • Bright and easy to see
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Star Seal system
  • Come in varying quantities


Often slide down the inside of trash cans

Resilia Medical Biohazard Bags

These are incredibly high-quality biohazard bags that come in various sizes and quantities, so you have more than one option from which to choose.


These biohazard waste bags from Resilia come in a variety of sizes for different purposes. You can choose between 10-, 25-, 33-, 45- and 55-gallon bags. Moreover, you can also select varying quantities, including 20, 25, 50, 100, 200, 250, and 500 bags. They are specifically designed to fit biohazard waste containers of these sizes.

It is also worth noting that these bags are highly durable, and they are printed with the DOT-approved standards on them. In addition, the extra-thick plastic material is about as strong as it gets, and it’s not about to tear or leak on you.

It’s the perfect biohazard waste bag for healthcare facilities, hospitals, laboratories, and anything in between. Not only are these biohazard waste bags extremely strong and tear-resistant, but they also come on a core freeroll, which means that they are straightforward to dispense at a moment’s notice whenever you need them.

Of course, as biohazard bags are, these ones are also very bright red in color and feature a huge biohazard waste symbol on the front of them. There’s definitely no mistaking what these bags are designed for, and that means they help maintain ideal safety standards and protocols.


  • Many sizes
  • Many quantities
  • Bright red with biohazard symbol
  • DOT and ASTM approved
  • Convenient dispensing


May slip down inside trash containers

Biohazard Specimen Bags

41E7Q2HECRL. SL500

Changing tack, these are not biohazard waste bags for waste disposal, but they’re actually much smaller biohazard bags designed to transport or store specimens


If you work in a location where you need to collect biohazardous specimens or samples, these bags are ideal for the job. These particular bags measure 6 by 9 inches,  making them perfect for collecting biohazardous samples or specimens. These bags are used in many settings, including research facilities, hospitals, laboratories, and independent testing.

Conveniently, these hazardous waste specimen bags come with a separate document pouch that can be used to insert a label. This helps increase overall safety. In addition, they come clearly labeled with a large orange square and biohazard symbol, just to ensure that everyone knows what these bags are for.

The bags are thick plastic, so they aren’t about to tear, even with something relatively sharp inside. Moreover, they also feature a zip lock seal at the top to ensure that no liquid can leak out.


  • Ideal for collecting specimens
  • Has a document pouch
  • Clearly labeled
  • Can be used in many settings
  • Leakproof
  • Tear-resistant


Not actually biohazard disposal bags

First Voice Biohazard Bags

51EDayfY39L. SL500

These are not the cheapest biohazard bags, but they are some of the best. They are pretty basic yet effective biohazard waste bags.


Each of these biohazard waste bags can hold 5 gallons, making them ideal for small containers. However, be aware that they do not come in any larger sizes. Moreover, each package contains 10 bags.

This kind of biohazard waste bag can be used in various settings, such as laboratories, testing facilities, hospitals, nursing homes, veterinarian clinics, and more.

These biohazard infectious waste bags are made of extremely thick plastic that makes them entirely tear- and puncture-resistant. Moreover, the very thick plastic ensures that no liquid will seep out. In addition, they have an extremely high density and excellent film strength for maximum protection.

Of course, as tends to be the case with biohazards infectious waste bags, they are labeled with a massive black symbol and letters, and the bag itself is bright red. So it’s nearly impossible to miss what these bags are designed for.  


  • Very thick
  • Puncture and tear-resistant
  • Leakproof
  • Ideal for small containers
  • Can be used in many settings


Only comes in a small 5-gallon size


We also want to provide additional information and tips about these biohazard waste bags.

Biohazard Bags: What Makes Them Safe?

You might be wondering why biohazard bags are safer for hazardous waste than standard trash bags. One of the reasons is that biohazard bags are bright red in color and feature massive biohazard waste symbols. This makes it easy to identify what is inside of them, and it lets people know to be careful when handling these bags.

Moreover, these bags are also made with very thick and particular types of tear- and puncture-resistant plastic, so sharp objects cannot tear through them. They are generally designed to be thick and leakproof, so blood and other fluids cannot leak out. If you want to ensure the bags you buy are safe, make sure they are DOT approved.

Another thing that you want to look for is the so-called Star Seal system, which is designed to make these bags extra thick and leakproof.

How to Identify Biohazard Waste?

A basic definition of biohazard waste is anything that has been potentially contaminated with infectious biological materials. Therefore, anything that has been soaked with human waste or other body fluids qualifies as biohazardous waste.

 Biohazardous waste could also include used vials and syringes. In other words, anything that may be biologically contaminated with bacteria, viruses, or fungi may qualify as biohazardous waste. Of course, the number one thing that qualifies as biohazardous waste in this sense is blood, which is why these bags are often used in medical settings.

How to Dispose of Medical Waste?

Whether you work in a hospital or clinical setting or are at home and need to dispose of medical waste, doing so correctly is paramount to your safety and the protection of those around you. Medical waste should be put in special medical waste bags, and in this case, we are talking about biohazard waste bags.

All medical waste should be placed inside a biohazard waste bag inside a medical waste container. That medical waste bag should be properly sealed so that nobody can get into it. Once the bag is full, it should then be appropriately disposed of at the appropriate facilities.

You cannot throw medical waste in the regular trash as this would defeat the purpose of using special biohazard waste bags. No matter where you live, locate the proper facilities that will accept and dispose of medical waste for you.

What Color Bag is Used for Infectious Waste?

Different colors mean different things. For example, hazardous bags are always yellow when it comes to waste that may infect others with medical contaminants. Moreover, these bags are mainly for any kind of infectious waste that contains chemicals or pharmaceuticals.

What Color Bag is Used for Biohazard Waste?

As you can probably tell from our product reviews, biohazard waste bags are always red. However, be aware that there are stringent guidelines. For example, you cannot use red bags for yellow bag purposes and vice versa.


Now that you know what both red and yellow medical waste bags are used for, you can shop for the best biohazard waste bags for your purposes. Look for bags that are DOT approved and also feature reinforced plastic walls and a reinforced bottom. You want these bags to be extremely tough and durable.

If you are looking for the very best option out there, we recommend going with the Resilia Medical Biohazard Bags, mainly due to their wide variety of sizes.

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